Allconnect Moves to Settle Employee Data Breach Lawsuit Following Early Loss in Kentucky Court

Allconnect is a free online service that helps consumers compare prices for various other services, including internet, television, and home security. But as it turned out, Allconnect did not do a great job with respect to its own corporate security. On Valentine’s Day 2018, someone impersonating Allconnect’s president sent a false email to one of the […]

Best Buy Faces Alabama Jury Trial Over Geek Squad’s Unexplained Data Breach

Every day there are new stories about data breaches involving the disclosure of thousands–and in some cases, millions–of customer records. But even smaller-scale data breaches can have a significant impact on the parties involved. And courts throughout the country continue to develop new case law in response to the threat represented by the unauthorized copying […]

New Year, New Blog

Today I launched a new blog, cvilleFOSS, which provides information on using Linux-based operating systems and other free and open-source software (FOSS) as a self-employed professional. The initial posts give an introduction to the blog, discuss how to conduct an internal software audit to see if FOSS is right for you, and provide an overview […]