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Custom Content for Your Blog

Many small businesses start blogs. Unfortunately, after a few weeks or months, the owner loses interest and the blog lies dormant, gathering virtual dust. It’s not that blogging is difficult. But it requires time and effort that most business owners would rather devote to serving customers.

Yet blogging is an important tool for promoting a business. Unlike newer forms of social media, blogging draws potential customers to your website. A blog allows you go into depth on a subject and demonstrate your expertise in a way that simply is not possible in 140 characters or a “meme.”

I’ve been blogging professionally since 2000–before the term “blog” entered the popular lexicon. I’ve served a number of professional clients, ranging from nonprofit public policy groups to college football websites. I know how to write timely content that will make sure your blog and business website never goes stale.

How Blog Ghostwriting Works

Every business and blog setup is unique. There is no single, correct approach. I’ve had some clients who like to update their blogs 2 or 3 times per week, and others who only do so twice a month. The appropriate frequency depends on a number of factors, including the types of services you offer, how much “news” there is about your subject, and your budget for ghostwriting services.

Whatever your needs, I can work with you to develop a custom ghostwriting package.

As far as the actual blog posts go, you will retain full ownership and copyright of all accepted and paid-for work. Feel free to use your own name as author of posts. It won’t hurt my feelings, I’m a ghostwriter.

Full-Service Blog Support

Do you need help with more than just writing your blog? Fortunately, I know to setup and manage blogs as well. I know how to run blogs on the WordPress, Ghost, and Hugo platforms.

Contact Me Today

Even if you’re not committed to the idea of blogging or hiring a ghostwriter, feel free to contact me if you just need some advice on how to proceed. I’m happy to offer samples of my work and offer a price quote based on your anticipated needs.